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Can you see the pattern in the picture?

My friend said that the pattern is that each row gets bigger by 2. Is that true? Can you see any other patterns? 

Can you compare the numbers 11 and 15? Use the words more and less

If we group the cubes into 10, it is easier to compare them. Look at the picture below. 

Now have a go at comparing the numbers below. Use the language less than, more than, smallest and greatest. 

Now can you order these numbers from greatest to smallest and from smallest to greatest?

Can you have a go at the guided practice on your whiteboards or if you’re learning from home copy the questions and have a go in your blended learning books. 

Now your turn. Turn to page 107 in your maths no problem books. If you’re learning from home copy and answer the questions in your Blended learning books.