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Today, we are going to continue to solve word problems.  

Have a look at the In focus question below.

Find the key information in the question and identify the problem. What operations do you need to use to solve the problem?

My friend says I need to use addition and multiplication. Is she right? How do you know?

Lets find out how much 16 lbs of tomatoes would cost.

If we know 1 lb is 75p we know that to find out the price of 16 lbs we need to multiply 16 by 75p.

Lets use the short method of multiplication to help us work this out.



Well done if you got the answer 1200 – What would this amount be as money?


Yes that’s right £12.00

For the final part of that question, if my friend has given £15.00 to buy the tomatoes and they only cost £12.00. What operation do we need to do to solve the amount of change she gets?

That’s right, it’s a subtraction. You should be able to mentally work out that £15 - £12 = £3.

Now see if you can have a go at solving Q2 below.

How many pence is £5.00?

If we know 75p is for 1lb. How much is it for 2lbs? How much for 4lbs?

Now have a go at the Guided Practice questions above. You will need to show your working out.

Now, you are ready to complete some examples of your own. Complete worksheet 3 in your home learning book. Take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher. Good luck!