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Today, we are going to continue to solve word problems.  

Have a look at the In focus question below.

Like yesterday, we need to start by identifying the key information in the text.


Is it true that if Eliot and Lulu are sharing a sum that means we need to add something together first? What do you think we need to add?


Now, the next part of the question says Lulu needs to get 3x as much as Eliot.

What would this look like as a bar model?


Have a look below at how this would look like.

First, we need to add together £3597 and £1259. You should be able to do this using the column method.



Well done if you got the answer £4856.


Next, if Lulu gets 3x the amount and Eliot has 1 part of the amount, we need to share the amount between 4 parts. So £4856 divided by 4 using the bus stop method is …



Well done if you got £1214.


If Lulu gets 3 x this amount we now need to multiply £1214 x 3 using the short method = £3642.


The final part of the problem asks how much more Lulu has than Eliot. We know we need to subtract their amounts so using a column method £3642 - £1214 = £2428.

Lulu has £2428 more than Eliot.

Do you think this is fair?

Now have a go at working out the word problem above yourself.


Again, make sure you read and understand the word problem carefully then decide what operation you need to use.

Now, you are ready to complete some examples of your own. Complete worksheet 2 in your home learning book. Take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher.


Remember to read the question carefully, understand it, pick out the key information and see what operations you need to do to help you solve it.