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This week we are looking at numbers to 20. Before we do let’s revise numbers to 10. If you are learning from home complete the questions in your Blended Learning Book. If you are in school turn to page 77 in your maths no problem books. 


Have a go at counting the eggs. What is the easiest way to count? Should we start from 1? Or can we start from 10? 


Look at the ten frame below. How many counters are in the ten frame and how do you know? 

That’s right there are 10 counters. You can see that it is completely full. There are 2 rows of 5. 

We can count the strawberries by making a group of 10 and then we can count on. 

Can you use the pictures below to practise counting on from 10. What do you notice about 20? 

That’s right 20 is made up of 2 sets of 10. 

Your turn. Turn to page 95 in your maths no problem books. If you are working from home, copy the questions and complete them in your blended learning books.