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Today we are going to be naming left and right positions. Do you know your which is your left and right hand? Hold your hands up and make an L shape, this tells us it is our left hand. Look at the poster below to help you. 

If we start from the left, who is in first place?


That's right it is the giraffe.  If the giraffe is in first place, then who is next and how do you describe that position?


The monkey is second place from the left. The monkey is after the giraffe.


Which position the giraffe is in if we go from right to left?


Yes that is right the giraffe is last. The giraffe is in fifth place. 

Using 'between' and 'next to' can you describe the animals' positions? 

Guided Practice

Have a go at describing the children's positions in the picture. 

a) Lulu is fourth from the left.

b) Sam is next to Elliott. 

c) Ravi is between Holly and Ruby. 

d) Amira is fourth from the right. She is also fifth from the left.

Now it's your turn. 

If you are in school find page 90 and 91 in your book. 

If you are at home right down the questions and the answers in your blended home learning book.