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Today is our final lesson of multiplication. I’m sure you are an expert at multiplying now!

Have a look at the In focus question.

What does product mean? Well done, it is another term for multiply.

What numbers can we use to make the smallest product?

Try a few different ways using different numbers and see what answers you get.

Do you think you could get a smaller answer than 5535?

Why do you think 135 x 24 has given a smaller answer than 145 x 23?

Now look at this arrangement – Can you get an answer that’s even smaller?

Use all the methods we have learnt to answer this question.

Well done if you got the answer 5967.

Complete worksheet 15 in your home learning book. Take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher through purple mash.

Please remember to show your working out.

For Q1 you will need to try different combinations. I would like to see your jottings for these. For Q2 make sure you set the questions out the way we have been learning.

Good luck!