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Today, we are going to be continuing our learning of multiplication which was started before the half term holidays. 

Have a look at the In focus question below.

What is the key information in this question? Can you think of a way to identify the answer?

How about using the bar model? What would this look like?

Do you agree with the following model?











Have a look at how we work out this calculation. Remember to set out the numbers in a column method. Can you remember how to do this?

Start with the ones and multiply 4 x 8 = 32

Next, remember to use a place holder at the start as you are multiplying the tens column by the ones so we are multiplying 40 x 8 which is 320.

Then multiply the hundreds column – 100 x 8 = 800 – again remember your place holder which is now 00 because we are multiplying by 100

Finally, 1000 x 8 = 8000 – How many place holders are there now since we are multiplying the thousands column?

Have a look carefully at the quick method of multiplication – again something which we have already learnt before.

Remember to exchange at the top and add to get your final answer.

Now use the above method and calculate 1a and 1b.

If you got the following answers – well done they are correct. If not, go back and check where you went wrong.

1a = 4862    1b = 9724

Have a go yourself now and complete worksheet 11 in your home learning book. Take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher through purple mash. Remember to multiply and exchange. Use your times tables carefully.