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LC to solve word problems using multiplication and division 
To begin this lesson, let’s look at the In Focus task.

In my left hand I have 8 coins.

In my right hand I have a bag with twice as many coins. Can you work out how many coins are in the bag?

Write down two calculations for working this out.

Well done finding the answer. What does 'twice as many' mean. 
If 1 pupil has 8 coins, then the other pupil must have 2 lots of 8. Look at the bars,  the second bar is twice the length of the first bar.
Can you write a mathematical equation for this?


You can write this as 8 + 8 or 2 × 8.
How many coins does the pupil with the bag have?

Can you show the number of coins he has.

Work out the problem in the guided practice. Will it be a multiplication or division?

Now complete the workbook pages and send an email to Mrs Metcalfe 3M or Mrs Pickup 3P, with your blended learning work.