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LC to solve word problems using division 

To begin this lesson, let’s look at the In Focus task and solve the problem. If you are learning from home then use some real sweets or paper cutouts! In school we are using sweet shapes.

 How many sweets are there altogether?

Try counting in threes.
How many bags of sweets can Amira pack? How did you find the answer, did you multiply or divide? Can you write a mathematical statement for it?

Now work out the second question.

Remember to read the question through to the end twice. This will ensure you understand how to solve it. Well done if you worked out that is is a division.

Work through the guided practice remembering to read each question through twice for understanding. You need to decide whether it is a multiplication or division question.

Now complete the workbook pages in your blended learning book and then send a photograph of your blended learning to Mrs Metcalfe.