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LC to be able to solve word problems involving multiplication 

To begin this lesson, we will look at the In Focus task. Can you think of any patterns that you can see which would help you answer the question?
I would like you to come up with two methods to answer this problem.

Well done if you noticed that the picture shows equal groups of children. Can anyone see the groups? How many are in each group? How many groups are there? Can we create a multiplication sentence from this picture?
Yes, 7 groups of 4 children, that is 7 × 4 = ? What does 7 lots of 4 gives us?

Let’s count in 4’s to make sure everyone can see 7 × 4 = 28.

Let’s look at the second question. How can you use multiplication to solve this? 

Yes, well done, 5 groups of 3 children 👍

So how many children are there altogether?  
What is the multiplication statement we can make from this?

Yes well done, 5 groups of 3 children gives us 5 × 3.
How many children are going on the school trip?

5 × 3 = 15.

Look at the guided practice and let’s use multiplication to solve the problems.

Now complete the workbook pages and send Mrs Metcalfe a photograph of your blended learning.