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LC to be able to divide by 4 and 8

To begin this lesson, let’s look at the In Focus task. How many apples would we have in each group if we made 4 equal groups? If you are working at home use real apples, or cut out the apple as from paper.

Well done there would be 6 apples in each group 👍 
Can you write a mathematical statement for what we have just done?
Now can you put the apples into 8 equal groups? Now write a mathematical statement for

Can you see that we are dividing the apples? Now write the corresponding multiplication statements.Remember that when we multiply, the 8 times table is double that of the 4 times table. What happens when we divide?

In the guided practice, we are using arrays to consider the relationship between dividing by 4 and dividing by 8.

Now complete the pages in your home learning book and email Mrs Metcalfe a photograph of your learning.

Look below to support your learning.