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To begin this lesson, let’s look at the In Focus task. We will start by looking at the birds. You will need to cut out the birds if you are working at home. Your teacher will give you the cut out birds if you are in school.  Can you solve the problem?
My friend said that the question depends on how many birds you put on each stand. What does my friend mean? Does it matter?


 So first we found the number of stands needed to fit the 6 birds. In the first picture we are putting them into GROUPS OF 3. 

In this picture we have placed the birds in 3 EQUAL GROUPS on the 3 stands.

Can you see that 6 birds divided into 3 equal stands (groups) means that there are 2 birds on each stand?
Look at Let’s learn to see what the two answers look like when written down. 
Now we are going to write a multiplication and a division fact for each problem.

Now complete the guided practice.

Now complete the workbook pages. Remember you can click on the page to enlarge it.

Email a photograph of your learning to Mr Hindman when you have finished.