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Read the In Focus carefully.

What is the question asking?

How will you work it out?

Draw the bar model and include the information that we already have. 


We will use this to help us to work out the problem.

We know that on Saturday there were 850 more people at the funfair.

Therefore, we will need to subtract 850 from 3018 to find out how many people went to the funfair on Sunday. (3018 - 850 = _____)


Next we need to add hoe many people attended the funfair on Saturday (3018) to the number that went to the funfair on Sunday (2168)

This will gives us the total amount of people that went to the funfair on both days (3018 + 2168 = ________)

Read the Guided Practice question carefully. 

Fill in the boxes with the information you have been given. (*Clue: the necklace price needs to be written in the pink box.) 

What is the first step you need to do? (*Clue: Find out the price of the ring.)

Once you have done the first step what will you do next?