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Read the In Focus Question carefully

What is it asking?

How will you work it out?

Look carefully at the questions above. 

What do you notice?

Number 1.

Can you see how the number has been partitioned (split into 2 and 1999) to make it easier to subtract from.

By taking away 2 from 2001 we are left with 1999, this is an easier number to subtract from.

So now 1999 - 189 can be completed without renaming. 

Once we have worked out the answer we must add 2 (this is the number we subtracted) 



_1810 + 2 = 1812


This next example partitions the number 2001 into 1801 and 200 

We can  subtract 189 from 200. 
what is the answer? 


Correct the answer is 11


Now we need to add 11 to the rest of our number 1801. How much do we have now?
Work out the total.


Use one of the methods above to help you solve the question in the guided practice.