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Tuesday 2nd June, 2020
LC: To be able to write amounts of money as decimals.


You will need to think back to yesterday’s maths learning in order to help you with your learning today.

Picture 1

Which child has written the amount displayed correctly? 

What do we already know?

We know that 10p = 1/10 (one tenth) of £1. 
This is because there are 10, ten pence in a pound. 


I wonder what 1p would be of £1...


Let’s find out! 

Picture 1

Can you see that 1 pence is one tenth of a ten pence? 
Can you see that 1 pence is one hundredth of a pound? 


If you are unsure, think about how many 1 pence pieces fit into 1 pound. 

There are 100 of them in a pound like the grid shows above.


So 100, 1 pence pieces = £1

How can we write 1p as a fraction of £1?

Well, 1p is 1 out of a hundred that would make a pound.                        We would record it as 1/100. 
1p is one hundredth of a pound. 


How would we write 1p in £ as a decimal? 
Well, if 1p is one hundredth of a pound, it needs to be recorded in the hundredths column.
Place holders are needed in the ones and tenths column to show its value. 


                                 1p =  £0.0

Let’s use the same process for 5p in order to help us with the in focus task.

Picture 1

This time I have 5p. 

This means I have 5 pence out of 100 needed to make a pound. Therefore, I have 5 hundredths of a pound. 

I have 5/100 or £0.05.

Can you see the 5p in the hundredths column? 

The example compares the 5p to a 10p to help you understand. Which is bigger 10p or 5p? 

If the ten pence is bigger than 5p and is recorded as £0.10 in pounds, then there is no way the 5p could be recorded in the tenths column. It has to be in the hundredths. 

Tenths are bigger than hundredths.

10p pieces go in the tenths column

1p pieces go in the hundredths column. 


Use the same process for 50p.
Picture 1
£0.50 = 50p
Picture 1

Have the children written the amounts correctly?

How do we know they are correct? 


What should we do to find the total? 

Use what you have learned in order to complete the guided practice. 

Remember, this is guided so an older brother or sister, mum or dad can support you. 

When you get to the independent work (in your maths workbook) that is when you give it a go yourself. 

Picture 1
Click on the button below to check your answers to guided practice question 1.
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Now complete Worksheet 2- pages 45 and 46 in your work book.