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Monday 18th May 2020

Lesson 15

L.C: To be able to recognise and write decimal equivalents to 1⁄4, 1⁄2, 3⁄4.

This week we are continuing our learning about decimals. In today's lesson we are going to use our knowledge of fractions to write decimal equivalents.

What is a decimal?

Watch the video about decimals.

In focus task

*Remember these are parts of a whole

Let's learn

If you look at the square you can see that it has been divided into 10 equal parts. 

Half of shape is dark green.

This means that 5 out of 10 parts are dark green this is the same as half.

 1  = 5 tenths = 0.5 as a decimal


This time when we are finding a quarter, we need to divide the square into 100 equal parts.

What facts can we use to help us work out a quarter?

We know that a quarter is a whole divided into 4 equal amounts/ parts.

We also know that quarter of 100 is 25

You can see the 1/4 of the square is dark green.

To find the decimal we divide 100 by 25 this equals 0.25 

Look at this place value chart:

This shows 25                                                                                                                                                                   Decimal Point

                Whole Numbers                          .

Hundreds Tens Ones  Tenths Hundreths
  2 5  




Watch what happens to the number when it is divided by 100.

What do you notice?

                                                          Decimal Point

                Whole Numbers                          .    less than a whole number

Hundreds Tens Ones  Tenths Hundreths
    0 2



25 ÷ 100 = 0.25

Guided Practice

*Remember you are dividing by 2 when finding half.

I have done the first part for you.

 1   =  5  = ? tenths

2      10                 

Use the information from the let's learn to help you work these out:

You could use the place value chart to help you work these out:

I have done (a) for you

Look carefully at how I have worked out the answer:


(a) 1  3  = ? decimals.


First I am looking at the fraction.

I know that 1  = 0.25 as a decimal


but I need  3  = 0.25 x 3 = 0.75


Now, I also need to remember the whole number too. 

Look at where I put the numbers in my place value chart.


                                                         Decimal Point

                Whole Numbers                          .    less than a whole number

Hundreds Tens Ones  Tenths Hundreths
    1 7


The answer is 1.75m (*don't forget the unit of measure)



Complete Worksheet 15 on pages 29 - 30 in your Maths No Problem Workbook


When you have finished, check your work, then log on to

Mangahigh or TT Rockstars and challenge yourself.