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Watch this video again to help you. 

Reading Data in Bar Graphs - YouTube.mp4

Still image for this video

Read the In Focus question carefully.

How could you record your answer?

Look carefully at the information in the bar chart

If you are asked how many more? Then you will need to find the difference between the 2 amounts.

Think about how to find the difference. What would you do?

Read the questions carefully, what information do you need from the bar chart?

How will you work out the answer?

If the question asks for a total amount for different days, you will need to find the information from the bar graph/chart. Then add these amounts together.
Complete the work in your red home learning book or take a screen shot and complete the work, email a picture of your work to your teacher.

After you have finished the work above, there are 2 short activities on SeeSaw that you MUST complete.

(*If you cannot access SeeSaw you must email your teacher)