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What is a remainder?
When have we seen it before?

Is there any other way we can record the remainder? 

What is the remainder?
How do we know?

How do we record a remainder?

Have we answered the question in the problem?

What do we need to think about?

You can find the guided practice and worksheet to complete on SeeSaw

If you cannot access Seesaw email your teacher on Purple Mash and complete your work in your red home learning book. (Send a picture of your completed work in an email to your teacher)

Look at the first guided practice

It shows 98 partitioned into 2 numbers  (the missing number is 18) 

80 + 18 = 98


Why has the number been partitioned into these two numbers? 
Because  both can be divided by 2. 
Can the digit 9 in the tens column be divide by 2 equally? 
No it cannot, so we need to find the nearest number to 9 that we can divide by 2, 
Which is 8 tens. 

This is why we record 9-8 = 1 (that 1 represents 1 ten)

Now we we can divide 8 by 2 and write the answer (see picture below)

Working model to help.

Method explanation.wav