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What is the problem asking us to calculate?
What do we know already? 
How can we use what we know about multiplying multiples of 10 and inverse operations to help us with this problem? 

First, we need to share 6 tens between 2, each gets 3 tens.
I have shared all of my tens so none are left.

We can show this in my calculation by recording 6 tens – 6 tens = 0 tens.

Now I need to share the 8 ones between 2 people: 8 divided by 2 equals 4.

Have I shared all of my ones?

How do I show there are 0 ones left to share?

How many postcards do the children each get?

What is the quotient?

Is there any remainder?

If you are working at home you can complete these questions in your red home learning book.