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For a pass you will need to think of an idea for your magazine article. What will it be about? Why? What interests you? Who will your article be for? Who will read it? What do you want to find more about? Will you need to interview someone? Will you need to add photos, pictures or diagrams? Write all your ideas down or record a video or sound recording with your ideas on.


For a merit you will need to write one magazine article. You will be able to follow and use your amazing idea from the pass stage of this project. It will need to be eye-catching and interesting. What will make other children want to read your article? You will need a title and different headings. Where will you find your information? Do you need to research online? Have you got a book at home that you can use? Have fun being creative with your article.


For a distinction you will need to create your own complete magazine. It will need a front cover with teasers enticing children to read the articles inside. It will need a contents page. And it will need lots of articles on different things. Will your magazine have a theme or cover a range of different ideas? Can you make your magazine? Who will read it? This part of the project will take time but it will be worth it. You will be able to bring your very own published magazine into school in September. We cannot wait to see them. 😊

Send photos of your finished work on your Purple Mash email to Mrs Salha and Miss Hall.