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Literacy Two

Tuesday 22nd September, 2020

LC: To use organisational devices in non-fiction writing.

In lesson five, we are going to finish our report by adding text-type features of a report such as diagrams and text boxes.


You should have left enough space in your book for your diagram or text box to be added to your chosen sections. 


Now it's time to begin. 


You will need to look at your diagram and text box section in your boxed-up plan.



Original text

New text

Magpie Ideas

Text boxes and diagrams

Diagram of a Roman Town (plan) labelled places in town


Fact box: a word in Latin we use today linked to towns

Diagram of a Roman Soldier (labelled)


Interesting fact on soldiers in battle

Diagram: labelled



Text box heading:

Words, words, words or it’s true or You must be joking!

Click on the WAGOLL button below to help you write a good third section using the features we have learned.

Now you have created a complete non-chronological report with help from the teacher, this is what it should look like (click on the link below). 

From tomorrow, you are going to begin researching and planning another  non-chronological report and then write it INDEPENDENTLY by the end of the week.