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Literacy Three

Monday 21st September, 2020

LC: To use different sentence structures.

LC: To write the second section of a non-chronological report.


Today, you are going to write your non-chronological report on the Roman Empire using your plan created last week. 


Miss Hall and Mrs Harper will be modelling a non-chronological report on the Roman Army in order to help you.


You can also use our key report text: Roman Towns to help you too. 

In lesson three, we are going to write the second section of your report.


Remember that report information can be presented in any order so it is up to you which of the topics you report on second. 


You will have to leave enough space in your book for your diagram or text box if you have chosen to link one of these features to this section. 

Now it's time to begin. 


You will need to look at your new text second section in your boxed-up plan. 



Original text

New text

Magpie Ideas

Second Section

Roman Basilica and Forum

- brought taxes

- markets held

- officials found here

-forum large paved courtyard

Life for a Roman soldier

- job to capture lands, guard them, control local people

- marched at night/ slept leather tents

- travelled huge distances on foot

- lived in stone or timber forts, barrack blocks

-one room, bunks for eight men, fireplace to cook, room for equipment, weapons


Technical words

Determiners- a

Click on the WAGOLL button below to help you write a good second section using the features we have learned.