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Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

LC: To use different sentence structures to develop characters and settings.

Today, you are going to practise writing about characters and settings using the following skills:


1. Complex sentences with adverb


2. Commas to mark clauses when the

   subordinate clause appears first. 


Take a look at the model below. You will need to follow this model when developing your own settings and character. 

Step One: Look at your picture and describe what you can see. 


Step Two: Create complex sentences that could be used to describe your setting and character. Use some of the description you have collected.


Although it was gloomy and misty, the ruthless outlaws were able to bound through the forest with ease


Gently, the pine needles on the tall towering trees brushed the faces of the outlaws as they bounded past. 



Log onto Seesaw to complete your task.

Find the 'Developing character and settings using complex sentences' activity. 


When you have finished your work, you can read Chapter 6 of the Snow Queen.