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Monday 30th November, 2020

LC: To understand what dialogue is and how it is written.

Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people. It is a feature of a book, play, or film. 




Read the start of Chapter Four. 

Can you find the dialogue?

Which characters are having a dialogue?

What do you notice about dialogue and how it is written? 

Features of Dialogue

1. Two or more people are having a conversation. 


2. One person speaks first and then someone responds.


3. Inverted commas and other punctuation is used to mark the spoken words in the dialogue.


4. Each time a character speaks or responds in the conversation, a new line or paragraph is started. 





Using the Snow Queen model as a scaffold, create your own dialogue between Gerda and the Raven. 


Could Gerda have asked the Raven different questions? 

Could the Raven have approached Gerda, and responded to her questions, differently? 


Fill in the blanks with your own ideas: 


As Gerda was ____________________________ ,  a large black raven hopped across her path. He _______________________

and fixed her with his black beady eye. "___________________ ?" he asked. 

    Gerda felt ____________ but she ____________________ and explained her quest to the raven. " __________________________ ? _______________________________________________?" she finished anxiously. 

    The raven _____________  and __________________________.  " ____________________, " he replied ________. 

    Gerda ________________________."______________________!" she _______________ . 


Complete this task in your exercise book.