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Wednesday 25th November, 2020

LC: To write an explanation text applying previously taught structures and skills.

Now you have planned your explanation text on how volcanoes erupt, you are now ready to write it. This is your invented piece of work which means you have to do it all on your own. You will have to think carefully about everything you have learned about explanation texts this term. 

The key features of an explanation text we have learned about:


1. Explanations explain how or why things happen

   or occur.

2.Cause and effect complex sentences are

  written using conjunctions like otherwise, as a

  result of, due to

3.Causal adverbs are used to connect ideas like

  therefore, furthermore and though.

4.Opening statements are used to introduce the

  topic that will be explained. 

5.Labelled diagrams are created to support the


You can take a screen shot of the checklist below to tick off when you have included a skill in your writing.


Explanation Text


It explains how or why something happens or occurs.


It includes an opening which introduces the topic I am explaining.


My explanation is written in a clear, logical sequence.


I have written cause and effect complex sentences to explain.


I have used causal adverbs to connect ideas.


I have used a range of cause and effect conjunctions.


I have used paragraphs to organise my ideas.


I have included a diagram.


Blended Learning: If you are working from home, record your explanation in your blended learning exercise book. Your teacher will ask to see it on your return to school. Keep referring back to your plan in order to help you write your explanation.