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Thursday 19th November, 2020

LC: To orally rehearse an explanation.


Now you have finished your plan on how electricity works, your first task today is to orally rehearse what you have recorded on your plan. 

You need to orally rehearse it in a sequence from start to finish.

You need to speak in sentences.

You need to use the cause and effect conjunctions/causal adverbs to help you explain. 


Take a look at the example below.

Read the plan on how electricity reaches people's homes BEFORE listening to the oral rehearsing.

Can you hear and see how they link?

Use the model to help you do the same with your plan. 

Orally rehearsing an explanation plan.wav

LC: To write the heading and opening statement to an explanation text.


Now you have orally rehearsed your explanation plan, you are now ready to begin writing.

You are going to write your heading and opening to the explanation. In your opening, you need to include a general statement about the topic and a question. 

You will need the opening section of your explanation plan to help you. 

See mine below.



Look at the models to help you write yours. 


Original text


How are humans able to hear sound?

Every day humans hear sounds like the tiniest trickle of water coming from a tap to the loud sound of a car back firing. However, do people ever stop to think about how they are able to hear it? It's time to find out! 


New text - teacher

 How electricity reaches people’s homes

Every day, people use electricity to power appliances in their homes such as televisions, freezers and microwaves. Also, electricity is something that people have come to rely on and has become an essential part of people’s lives. However, do people ever stop to think about how electricity reaches their homes in order to provide them with power for heating and light? It’s time to find out!


taken from the original text        added something new

Use the scaffold below to help you write your explanation opening.


Every day, _____________________________

_________________________. Also, ______

_____________________________________. However, _____________________________? It’s time to find out!

Blended Learning: Log onto Purple Mash and find the 2Do: Explanation Writing. Write your opening statement and then save it. DO NOT hand in your work yet.