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Tuesday 10th November, 2020

LC: To read and analyse non-fiction.

LC: To identify and discuss the key features of an explanation text.

Watch the movies to find out about explanation texts and their features.

Explanation Movie1.wmv

Still image for this video

Explanation Movie2.wmv

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Now you have watched and listened to the movies, I would like you to read a range of explanation texts. 

Can you find the following features in the texts?

Year 3 Features

Year 4 Features

present tense

labelled diagrams

headings and subheadings

opening statements

sequencing in paragraphs

causal adverbs – therefore, though, however, furthermore

cause and effect complex sentences using the conjunctions since, as, in order to, because, so that

cause and effect complex sentences using conjunctions – otherwise, as a result of, due to


language of explanation


You can discuss the features you have found with the person you are sitting next to, or a member of your family if you are working from home today. 

We will add examples of the features we have found to our learning wall.