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Thursday 24th September, 2020

LC: To discuss and record ideas for planning.


Invention- Non Chronological Report


Today, you are going to plan your invented report on the Roman Impact on Britain.


You will need to use your collected research to help you. 


When planning for your report, it must include all of the features we have learned about:




Fact/text boxes 

Rhetorical questions

Using different determiners and pronouns 

Using verb inflections correctly- was and were

Use the report Skeleton and/or the boxed up plan to help you. 


Original text

New text

Magpie Ideas


-Celts did not live in towns.

- Towns built to share Roman ideas

- for protection and place to govern

-Romans persuade Celts to build towns


Rhetorical question


Pronouns- they

First Section

Roman Basilica and Forum

- brought taxes

- markets held

- officials found here

-forum large paved courtyard










Technical words

Determiners- a

Second Section

Water systems

- high standard of hygiene

-built aqueducts for clean, regular water



Technical words

Determiners- a, most

Third Section

Impressive walls

- built around town for defence, to impress, use gates to enter town so people selling goods had to pay



Technical words


Text boxes and diagrams

Diagram of a Roman Town (plan) labelled places in town


Fact box: a word in Latin we use today linked to towns


Diagram: labelled



Text box heading:

Words, words, words or it’s true or You must be joking!