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Literacy Two

Wednesday 16th September, 2020

LC: To discuss and record ideas for planning.

Now that you have finished collecting research on the Roman Empire, it is time to plan your non-chronological report.


You will be using our original text: Roman Towns to help you plan and structure your report. 

Remember to magpie ideas from the Roman Towns text to use in your own report. 





Take a look at the example plan for a report on the Roman Army. 


Can you see how Miss Hall and Mrs Harper have used the structure of the original text to help them plan their report? 

Go back to the 'boxed-up' plan we created together. Plan what you will include in your report on the Roman Empire. 

Remember to record your ideas in notes and NOT sentences

If it helps, note down what your key areas for your report will be using the non-chronological report skeleton first. 

Non-chronological report skeleton

Boxed-up plan