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Tuesday 27th April 2021

LC: To generate and collect vocabulary to use in a discussion text.


Now you have your discussion text planned out with a title as a question, introduction, 'for' and 'against' argument and connecting adverbs to support your different points with evidence, it is time to collect vocabulary that you might like to use in your discussion text.

You can magpie vocabulary from the discussion text 'Do humans really care about the environment?' and other discussion texts we have looked at so far. 


What types of vocabulary might you like to magpie or collect from the discussion texts? 

Conjunctions - words that link other words,

                phrases or clauses


Quantifiers - words that show the amount of

               something (how much?/how many?)


Language of opinion - words or phrases that show

                        a view on something (not

                        linked to a fact)


Language of argument - words or phrases that

                        show views are being


Fronted adverbials - used at the start of a

                       sentence to describe when,

                       where or how the verb

                       takes place

Click on the links below to look at three discussion texts. 


Collect conjunctions, quantifiers, language of opinionlanguage of argument and fronted adverbials to use in your own discussion text.


You can also generate your own vocabulary.


Record the vocabulary in your books. 

This is how you could set out your work in your books.


ConjunctionsQuantifiersLanguage of opinionLanguage of argumentFronted adverbials
althoughtonnes ofscientists suggestAn argument 'for' Around the world, 


Once you have collected your vocabulary, practise using them within a sentence so you understand their meanings.