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Monday 26th April 2021

LC: To discuss and record ideas for planning.

This week, we will be planning and writing a discussion text. 


Today, we will begin planning our discussion text. 


Teacher's discussion text:

'Are humans really dealing with global warming?'


Your discussion text:

'Are humans really dealing with the plastic pollution problem?'


When planning our discussion texts, we will need to use everything we have learned about our topics and the research notes we have collected to help us. 



Let's look at the 'Do humans really care about the environment?' discussion text model plan to help us. 


Our plans will need the following:

a title (in the form of a question);

an introduction (a statement about the topic and a preview of the argument);

connecting adverbs for both the 'for' and 'against' argument;

three points with supporting evidence for our 'for' argument;

and three points with evidence for our 'against' argument. 


It's time to plan! 

Log on to Seesaw to find a blank discussion text planner.

Complete the plan on your discussion topic and make sure you include all of the features above. 

Your teacher will be planning theirs too alongside you.