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Wednesday 21st April 2021

LC: To plan a persuasive letter that will include appropriate language and information on a given topic.

On Monday, you looked into plastic pollution and how it is damaging to the environment. Also, you discovered how it is endangering living things found around or within the oceans.

On 26th January 2021, Greenpeace released an article suggesting that supermarkets are still not doing enough to reduce plastic. It is believed that up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year and plastic pollution is now the biggest killer of marine life

They teamed up with the EIA (Environmental Investigation Agency) to dig deeper into what supermarkets are really doing to cut plastics. Here is their updated findings. 




Plan to write to one of the local supermarkets in Burnley. Your focus will be to persuade them to use less plastic in their stores in order to reduce plastic pollution. 

In this lesson, you are exercising your right to freedom of expression (UNCRC Article 13). You have the right to share what you have learned with others and give your opinions on the matter too. You are also raising awareness on and supporting Global Goal 14: Life Below Water which is to prevent and reduce marine pollution in oceans by 2025. 

These letters will be sent out of school and to the supermarkets once they have been written and edited.

You will need to use what you have already learned about the plastic pollution problem to help you.

Year 3 persuasion text features you should already know:

-They are written in present tense


-There is an opening statement


- Your argument is made with points and evidence


- Alliteration can be used for effect

  (suffocating seas, plastic problem)


- Refer to the reader in second person- ‘you’


- Use conjunctions to join ideas- this shows, however, because, although, before, after

Persuasion Skeleton to plan your ideas.

This can be found on Seesaw. 

Activity name: Persuasive letter plan