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Monday 19th April 2021

LC: To understand how adverbials help to structure and connect a discussion text argument.

LC: To place appropriate adverbials into a discussion text argument.

In grammar, adverbials are a word or group of words (a phrase) that help describe or explain the sentence or the verb. 


Connecting adverbs, which we found when analysing discussion texts last week, help describe to the reader what the sentences are about in the discussion text and join ideas


When they are used well, they help the reader to clearly see a viewpoint, within a discussion text, and any other information that supports the viewpoint


They also help the reader to see when there is a change in viewpoint


Let's have a look at our key text and the connecting adverbs used.

Can you see how they help the reader to clearly see the different arguments and new thoughts to support each argument?

'For' argument


'Against' argument

    What does each connecting adverbial mean?

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Activity name: Connecting Adverbials