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Yesterday, you found issues in environmental stories and created questions based on the issues. Then, you selected one of your questions and practised arguing different viewpoints using language of agreeing and disagreeing and opinion. 

Today, you are going to look at another question that could be discussed and decide how closely linked the arguments are to the discussion.

Focus discussion question:

Are zoos a prison for animals? 



1. An argument for zoos being prisons is that they remove animals

   from their natural environment and they are not free. 


2. Most reasonable people would agree that zoos should not be allowed

   to enclose animals for human entertainment. 


3. Zoos are great because they include aquariums, safari parks and



4. Zoos are very popular places to visit and ticket prices are now

   really expensive. 


5. Some people believe that zoos are educational as they teach

   children about many endangered animals that they would rarely get

   to see in the wild. 


6. Who gives humans the right to take animals out of their natural

    habitat and put them into a man-made prison?


7. Endangered animals have a safe place to thrive and live in a zoo. 


8. In zoos, plans are in place to protect different species of animal

   and prevent extinction. 


9. Animals born into a zoo do not know what it is like to live in the

   wild therefore they are not missing out on anything. 


10. Many zoos do not have the land to provide adequate space for

    animals which means animals are kept in small cages with no room

    to exercise.


11. Zoos are recognised by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

    where there are strict rules and standards for animal welfare. 


Log onto Seesaw and complete the activity:

Tuesday 13th April: Relevant Arguments