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Literacy 2 and 3

Wednesday 16th December, 2020

LC: To write a fantasy story applying appropriate text structures and previously taught skills.

Now you have planned your new fantasy story, you are now ready to write it. This is your invented piece of work which means you have to do it all on your own. You will have to think carefully about everything you have learned about fantasy stories to help. 

You can take a screen shot of the checklist below to tick off when you have included a skill in your writing.

Skills we have learned:


Writing an opening which combines setting and character


Noun Phrases




Paragraphs to organise writing


Create dialogue between characters and use

speech punctuation correctly.


Complex sentences (some with adverb starters)


Mark complex sentences and adverb starters with commas 


Different sentence structures (statements, commands, questions and exclamations)


If you are working from home, record your story in your blended learning exercise book. Your teacher will ask to see it on your return to school.