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Tuesday 15th September, 2020

To apply previously taught text structures and skills in independent writing.


Today, you are going to write a persuasive letter using the skills you learned back in Year 3.


You are going to imagine you are the Emperor Claudius writing to the Celtic Britons persuading them to move into your Roman towns in Britain.    



Before you write your letter, you are going to have to revise what life was like for the Celtic Britons and how this was different to living in a Roman town in order to help you persuade them. 


Click on the links below to watch the two video clips. Stop the Roman video clip at 01.08.

You will need to make some notes. 

Life in Celtic Britain                   





What was in a Roman Town? Why is it so attractive for a Celt?




Key features of a persuasive text 

(from Year 2 and 3)

- Present tense

- Opening Statement

- Exaggerations

- Question the reader

- Argument (point and evidence)

- Alliteration

- Second person 'you'

- conjunctions - this shows, however, because


Now it is time to write your letter. Think carefully about how you present a letter. 


Who are you writing to?

Who are you writing as? 

How can you persuade the Celts to move into Roman towns? How will it make their life better?