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Friday 15th January 2021

LC: To justify responses to a text using point and evidence (focus on character's thoughts and feelings)


Today, your work is going to be focused on a story called 'Flood'. 

I wonder what will happen in the story....

A flood is an overflow of a large amount of water that usually covers land that is normally dry. 


You will be looking at characters' thoughts and feelings using evidence from the text. 

Feeling vocabulary

This is at the start of the story... all is well for now.

What are the characters thinking and feeling at this point in the story? 

Teacher model: 

Character: Dad

Thought: Will the house survive the storm that is coming?

Feeling: I am worried about the storm damaging the house.

Evidence for this thought and feeling: 

Dad is fixing, changing or preparing the windows.

Quick reminder: 

Evidence is what you can see and find in the text. 

Any thoughts or feelings you give are points based on what you have read in the text. 


Read the next three pages of the story. What do you think dad, mum, the daughter and the son could be thinking and feeling

What evidence in the text makes you think this?

Record your thoughts and feelings, with correct evidence, for TWO CHARACTERS using the scaffold below. Use the teacher model to help.





Evidence for this thought and feeling: 


Record your work in your red blended learning book. Email a picture of your work to your teacher.