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Today we are going to practise writing the letter i.

Can you think of any things that start with the letter i? Here are some...

Things that start with i

Read these words. Which words have a letter i in them? If you are at home write just the ones with the letter i in them in your home learning book.

This is the way we write the letter i at school. When we are writing it we say...

up and down with a dot on the top

Watch this video showing you how to write the letter i like we do at school. Whilst watching it say the words...

up and down with a dot on the top

The letter i

Still image for this video
Use your finger to write the letter i in the air a few times. Now log in to Purple Mash and find your 2do Handwriting i. At home you could practise in your home learning book.

Your 2do