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Wednesday 13th January 2021

LC: To write a playscript using the key features taught.


In order for you to produce a quality playscript, this lesson needs to have around two hours dedicated to it. That is why you have no reading lesson today. You MUST put effort into your work so that it is quality and use your playscript plan created yesterday to help you. 

Step one: Reread your playscript plan from yesterday so you are clear

            what needs to be included in your playscript. 

Check your feedback given by your teacher, either through Seesaw or email, and make any changes where needed. 

Step Two: Be clear on the structure and key features of a playscript.


Character List

Scene Introduction

Character dialogue (with more detail)

Stage directions (with more detail)

Step Three: Write your playscript.


Writing character dialogue model


Gerda Kay. It's me, Gerda! Please speak to me. 


Character name    colon      Character line (dialogue)


- Inverted commas (" ") are NOT used in playscripts for character dialogue. The colon is used instead.

- Remember to punctuate your character dialogue.


Writing stage directions


   (Gerda needs to take a close look at the puzzle and then be surprised.)


         Brackets            Character stage instruction inside the brackets



Click on the link below to see a model playscript based on The Snow Queen playscript plan. 

Your playscript will need to look like this. 

Complete your Little Match Girl playscript, using your plan, in your red blended learning book. 

Make sure you have looked at the model playscript first and read all the steps before beginning. 

Once you have completed your playscript, take a photograph and email it to your teacher through Purple Mash.