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Monday 11th January 2021

LC: To develop playscripts focusing on stage directions and scenes.

Playscript Monday One 2.wav

What is a scene?

Scene explanation.wav

What are stage directions?

Stage directions explanation 2.wav

Today, you are going to be a playwright (a person who writes a play). The character list and dialogue of a play has been written but it is missing the scene and stage directions for the actors.   


You will need to read your script carefully to decide how to set the scene and tell the actors how to move, act and perform.


Click on the link below to see a teacher model before you have a go on your own. 



Step One: Read the script and decide where the stage directions need to

                  go and how you will set the scene. 



Step Two: You will need to copy out the script into your red blending

                  learning book,  adding the scene and stage directions in the

                  correct places. 

Take a photo of your playscript, with the added scene and stage directions, and email it to your teacher.