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Wednesday 6th January, 2021

LC: To discuss and read playscripts.

LC: To read aloud playscripts using intonation, tone, volume and action.


You first started learning about playscripts in Year 3. 

Here are the features you learned about:

-Title for the play

-Stage directions (simple)

-Dialogue with correct features

 (character name, colon and speech they say)


Use this prior knowledge to help you read and discuss three playscripts today. Can you spot these features in the playscripts?


Would all the characters speak the same? How do you think they would speak?

1. Use different voices for the characters. 

2. Only read aloud the character line. 

3. Use the stage directions to perform an action

   while you are reading aloud. 


Listen to the teacher model with the below playscript before you prepare to read your playscript aloud. 

Reading a play script aloud 2.wav

Click on the PDFs below to access your playscripts to read aloud. 

Listen to the audio to hear what is expected. 

Remember to email your teacher on PURPLE MASH at the end of the lesson.

Playscript Instruction.wav