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Thursday 1st October, 2020

LC: To use noun phrases in sentences.




Have a scan through pages 18-22 and see if you can find any noun phrases or adjectives used to describe Grendel and his behaviour.

When you think you have found some noun phrases and adjectives for Grendel, click on the button below to check.

In the Beowulf text, the author only briefly mentions where Grendel lives. 


However, I am wondering what Grendel's Lair would actually look like if it were to be written into the story. 


A lair is a place where a wild animal lives. It is also a secret and private place where someone or something wants to remain hidden away from everything. 


What do you think Grendel's Lair would look like?


Think about all the words used to describe Grendel and his behaviour in the text.


This will help you to visualise what his lair could look like and the type of things you would expect to find in his lair. 


If you are struggling to visualise what his lair could look like, click on the links below to see examples.

Now that you have had time to visualise his lair, what it looks like and the objects he would have inside it, write a list of noun phrases that could be used to describe it.


Grendel's Lair (Noun Phrases)




Now it is time to put your noun phrases and other ideas into a short setting description of Grendel's Lair. 


Think about what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell in his lair to help you. It must include noun phrases. 


You learned about setting descriptions in Year 3 so Miss Hall and Mrs Harper will be assessing your setting description skills.