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Keep Yourself Safe week 2019- Article 19

In school, the children have been learning about the different ways to keep yourself safe. We have been focusing on online safety, road safety and bonfire/firework safety.


Article 19: Every child has the right to be protected from harm.


Road safety


The children in Reception have been looking at different ways to keep safe. The children talked about how they can be safe whilst crossing roads and used some posters from the Right Start programme to discuss different scenarios. The children practised crossing the road safely as they walked to the post box to post their friendship cards.

Bonfire safety


Image result for wellyphant"


The children also looked at bonfire safety. We used the story of Welephant to discuss what we can do if we are going to a bonfire and how to follow the firework code. Here are some of the expectations we came up with:


1. Never touch fireworks, only grown ups.

2. Stand back from the fire.

3. Keep fireworks in a metal tin with a lid.

4. Pull your trousers over your boots.

5. You can only have sparklers if you are older than five years old.


Here is a link to the safe firework fun story

Take a look at some of the fantastic safety posters the children in EYFS and Key Stage One have designed.