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Children change their books every day so you can practise their reading every night. Children also need to use their spelling card to practise reading and writing the tricky words so they can gain bronze, silver and gold stickers.

If they read their book every school night for 10 minutes and have 10 minutes a week practising their tricky words that's 1 hour of homework every week!!!!

To see how your child is getting on; take  look at the subpages on the Reception home page. 

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How to help your child at home


Looking for some extra homework!!!! Have a look a the grid below for some ideas on how to help your child at home. You could print it off and colour the boxes when you have done it or just choose one. 



Learn to fasten my coat

Take off my own jumper

Get changed into my PE kit and get back changed again!

Put my own shoes and socks on

Learn the sounds that the letters make

Be able to recognise my own name

Practice counting to 20

Write my name 

Draw a picture of you and your family 

Go out for a walk and talk about what you see

Practice using a knife and fork 

Recognise simple shapes

Talk about the expectations of school- have a look at the pictures below. 

Read a story and talk about the people in the story and use the word 'character'. 


Name all the parts of the body. 


Name the parts of your face. 

Write the numbers to 5 


Don't forget to check this page regularly; we will add different things which link into what we are learning at school.