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Tuesday 16th March 2021

LC- To begin to recognise why some events, people and changes might be judged as more historically significant than others.


Yesterday, we had a brief look at the discovery of the tomb of the young Pharoah, Tutankhamun. The man who is most recognised for this work is Howard Carter.  Now, some people believe that the work of Howard Carter is extremely important whist others believe that he should have left the tomb alone. This is a debate that will go on for a very long time.

What do you think?

Before you can make up your mind, you will need to know lots more information, you can't possibly decide when you only know a little about something. 


 Next week, we will be writing  balanced argument about whether Howard Carter should have disturbed the tomb or not. Before we can do this we need to collect information on both sides - for and against.


Have a look at the following video that most of you watched yesterday.

 So this short video tells us a lot of information. What points did you notice about the for and against argument?



- Bringing to life another world. We would not know so much about King Tutankhamun without the persistence of Howard Carter.




- The artefacts (Shafti's) were believed to come to life and serve the Pharoah in the afterlife. What happens now they have been moved? Some people believe it was disrespectful to move them.