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Tuesday 9th March

LC: To begin to recognise why some events, people and changes might be judged as more historically significant than others. 

Today, you are going to research another famous landmark in Egypt. This landmark again dates back to the ancient Egyptians but millions of tourists visit the Valley of the Kings every year. 
Begin your journey by following the link below. Search for the Valley of the Kings in Google Earth and have a look around.  

Once you have finished your presentation from yesterday (The Pyramids of Giza), you can begin to collect notes in your book to create a slideshow on Keynote


Remember, on Keynote you can create a presentation over several pages. Please aim to collect enough notes to create a 3 or 4 page presentation about your research into the Valley of the Kings. 


When you are searching on Google, please make sure that you use KS2 after your search - this will ensure that you find information that is suitable for your age group. 

Valley of the Kings

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