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Monday 25th January

LC: To research and understand Victorian history in the local environment


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Your letter is going to be a letter of complaint - you will write a letter complaining about the working conditions in the cotton mill. Therefore, you are going to need to make notes about this. 


For example - The factories were hot, damp and dusty. This causes breathing difficulties for the people that work there and they often suffer with lung and chest infections. 

Please read the information below and watch the videos by following the links.  
Have a quick look at the video below, you do not need to watch all of it. It is a demonstration of a Spinning Mule being used. Imagine a lot of these being operated at the same time. Watch carefully how the machine moves in and out. Whilst the Mule moves out, children as young as six were expected to crawl in to sweep the floor and then quickly get back out before the machine began to close again!


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Now have a listen to these imaginary diary extracts of Victorian child workers. 


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Watch and listen to the next two videos carefully, you will get lots of information from these for your writing task. 


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