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Tuesday 18th January

LC: To give a broad overview of life in Britain (the rise of the cotton trade in the north)

During this time in British history, industry was 'booming' and Britain was becoming extremely wealthy. Cotton mills were thriving in the north of England with Manchester becoming the first industrial city in the world!


However, there was a problem, but the Victorians were very good at solving problems! All of the raw cotton was arriving in Liverpool, on the coast. How could they distribute this around to the rest of the north of England. Remember, the Victorians didn't have trucks like we do today and transporting it by canal barge was very slow and took an awful long time. 


They needed something better, something quicker - the steam locomotive! Trains!


Please read the following information and watch the videos.

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Have a look at the one above, it's the example I created for last year's Year 6 pupils. 


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