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Monday 30th November 2020

LC- To understand where people, places and periods of time fit into a chronological framework.


 Welcome to the start of our history topic on The Victorians.


 As part of our learning in year 6, we have to understand where periods of time fit into the overall timeline of history.  Throughout your time in school, you have learned about different historical periods, for example The Roman times as well as when certain events took place, for example the gunpowder plot. 

The things that happened in history are a part of everyone's past and can't be changed. Some things were good and some not, but as time passes human beings learn lessons and their decisions shape the future.


 Let's begin with a list of major events in History. How many have you heard of? Which ones do you know something about?

Of course this is only a list of some of the major events. There have been many more, including the entirety of your lives!

 Now use this information to complete the timeline. If you are at home, you will need to draw a simple timeline in your books and add the relevant information.

 So, for this topic, we are going to jump straight to 1837 when the Victorian era began. 

 Watch and read the information from the following links.

Make notes in your topic (home books) of any key information. Think about how you could organise your notes. Be very independent and try to learn as much about this famous queen as you can.


When you think you are ready, begin a presentation on Keynotes to 'present' your new knowledge. This needs to be year 6 standard as it will form part of your evidence. If you are at home, you can do a presentation on a word document if you have one or powerpoint or you can write in your books.


Your teachers are looking forward to see what you can do.