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Today, we are going to continue learning about the Maya Civilisation.

Last week we learnt to order some events on a timeline using AD and BC. Then we learnt some information about their daily life, clothes and jobs.

Today we are going to carry out some research around important events and changes that took place in the Mayan Civilisation.

The Mayan Civilisation has been divided over 4 periods. Lots of changes took place between each period and many important events took place at each period of time.

Your task is to research two periods of the Mayan Civilisation from the boxes above.

You must find within that period, any changes that took place that were important and any special or key events which shaped the Mayan Civilisation.

Once you have found some information, summarise it under the relevant subheading.

You can use bullet points to help you summarise.

There are two websites below which might help you to get started.


Once you have finished, take a picture of your evidence and send it to your teacher on Seesaw.